Water FIREFLY Automatic Meter Reader
Detect leaksthroughout
your entire distribution system!

Permalog+®leak noise logger
Permalog+ Leak Noise Loggers, used in conjunction with a MOSAIC Mesh Network or ROADRUNNER Mobile & Handheld data collection platforms, are today’s most powerful tool to protect precious resources and guard against costly and damaging water leaks.

A Serious Issue
Leaks cost utilities and customers dearly. Wasting millions of gallons of treated water and disrupting services and lives when small, unseen leaks develop into large scale problems.

An Essential Tool
Permalog+ Leak Noise Loggers equip utilities with the tools to find and repair leaks before they become major losses.

Permalog+ loggers attach magnetically to valves throughout the distribution system. Sophisticated algorithms distinguish the sound of normal operations from the distinct acoustic signature produced by a leak.

Integrated with a FIREFLY Meter Interface Unit, loggers transmit data to the office daily via a MOSAIC Mesh Network or to ROADRUNNER Mobile and Handheld collection platforms during meter reading operations. A Digital Correllator analyzes the leak data to provide accurate location information.

The Permalog+/FIREFLY solution provides immediate and precise data for protecting a water utility’s most valuable resource.

Simply put, the Datamatic Permalog+/FIREFLY solution gives utilities control never before possible.

  • Detect leaks throughout the entire distribution system
  • Identify leaks immediately - the same day they start
  • Save millions of gallons in unaccounted-for water
  • Repair small leak before they become major losses
  • Localize problems for precise excavation and repair

how it works:


1. The Permalog+ activates each
night to listen
for leak noise.

2. Data is transmitted daily through the FIREFLY (FF) Meter Interface Unit connected to the Permalog+.

3. Leak information is collected wirelessly via a MOSAIC Mesh Network, ROADRUNNER Mobile/Handheld, localizing the issue.

4. Once localized, a crew is dispatched with a Digital Correllator pinpointing the location and allows for efficient excavation and repair.

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