Water FIREFLY Automatic Meter Reader
Shut offand reconnect water services without ever touching a wrench!

RSV™remote shutoff valve
The DatamaticRSV enables utilities to shut off and reconnect water services without ever touching a wrench. The RSV is available as a handheld-operated stand-alone system. The RSV is an effective solution to a host of billing, service & field issues.

A New Tool
Most water utilities spend thousands of man-hours per year disconnecting and reconnecting delinquent and inactive accounts. But now, Datamatic’s RSV makes it possible to perform shutoffs/reconnections remotely, saving money and enabling utilities to redeploy field service resources into areas that will proactively improve operations and customer service.

Immediate Benefits
Since RSVs have both disconnect and reconnect capabilities, they eliminate at least two field service calls each time they are used. Theft from inactive services can be virtually eliminated. In most cases, disconnection also expedites customer payment and simplifies collection. RSVs can operate in both pit and non-submersible settings and are available with “Complete” or “Life Support/Trickle” shutoff options.

Simply put, the Datamatic RSV gives utilities control never before possible.

  • Shut off & Turn on services without touching a wrench
  • Deploy as a handheld-operated stand-alone system
  • Recover revenues quickly
  • Eliminate service calls
  • Simplify collection efforts
  • Eliminate theft from inactive services
  • Ensure worker safety

how it works:


1. A shutoff signal is transmitted via a handheld while onsite.

2. The signal is received by the RSV.

3. The RSV rotates its internal ball valve, shutting off the flow of water.

4. RSV transmits an acknowledgement.

5. Reconnection is performed by the same process.

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