Water FIREFLY Automatic Meter Reader

FIREFLY for water meters
TheFIREFLY Meter Interface Unit (MIU) represents a breakthough in AMR technology. It is the first solution to deliver a universally compatible interfacing strategy teamed with integrated ProfilePLUS™ Usage
Profiling in an economical package.

Universal Compatibility
FIREFLY (MIUs) install in under five minutes on virtually any meter. Wired-end or plug-in connector model FIREFLYs auto-sync with all the popular pulse and encoder registers. FIREFLY eliminates the need for meter changeout for the purpose of AMR implementation and can save utilities millions of dollars in meters and installation labor.

MOSAIC FIREFLY MIU Install FIREFLY on your existing meters!

Maintain the freedom to choose meters without the unforgiving constraints of a proprietary AMR system.

  • Designed to withstand constant submersion
  • Wired end or plug-in connector interfaces. Click here for a list of compatible registers.
  • Accommodates widest range of pulse and encoded registers
  • Leak Detection
  • Tamper and Reverse Flow
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • Above ground, below ground or through-the-lid installation

ProfilePLUS Usage Profiling
All FIREFLY MIUs archive consumption data at user-definable intervals. For example, when set to record at 60 minute intervals, each water FIREFLY MIU holds more than 300 days of hourly usage! ProfilePLUS graphs are an invaluable tool for settling usage disputes, monitoring/enforcing conservation compliance, meter right-sizing, leak detection, virtual turn offs and much more. Click here to learn more about ProfilePLUS applications in water metering.


FIREFLY Meter Interface Units
ProfilePLUS Usage Profiling
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