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The FIREFLY Automatic Meter Reading System represents a breakthrough in AMR technology. FIREFLY Meter Interface Units (MIUs) use radio frequency to transmit to Handheld, Mobile and Fixed Network AMR platforms.


Shut off and reconnect water services without ever touching a wrench!
Available as a handheld-operated, stand-alone system or integrated with the MOSAIC AMR network, the RSV is an effective solution to a host of billing, service & field issues. More...

Universal Compatibility
Because of their innovative design, FIREFLY MIUs are compatible with virtually ANY water, gas or electric
meter. This makes FIREFLY the first universally compatible AMR system in the industry. More...

ProfilePLUS Usage Profiling
All FIREFLY MIUs archive consumption data at user-defined intervals. ProfilePLUS delivers astounding value in a category where utilities have come to
expect only a single reading.
See ProfilePLUS applications in water, gas & electric metering.
  Detect leaks throughout your entire distribution system!
Permalog+ Leak Noise Loggers, used with a MOSAIC Mesh Network or ROADRUNNER data collection platforms, are your most powerful allies against costly and damaging leaks. More...

  The RouteSTAR Enterprise Meter Reading System is the foundation of your utility's meter reading operation. A user-friendly interface handles single office and multi-site operations with equal ease. Flexible reporting gets you the information you need quicker than ever. More...
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