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About Us

Company Profile


For over 40 years Datamatic has provided advanced meter reading and field data collection solutions to water, gas and electric utilities. Datamatic has earned a reputation for experience, innovation and reliability and is acknowledged as a leading expert in the industry. We offer the most robust, flexible, and user-friendly products in the meter reading market. What differentiates us the most is our focus on quality and customer service.  In every aspect of our business, we strive for excellence each and every day.



A Pioneer


In 1980 Datamatic installed the first handheld meter reading system at Texas Electric Service Company (now TXU/Oncor). An entire industry was born out of this first innovative solution. Ever since then, Datamatic has been a force in the utility data collection industry. From the development of that first handheld meter reading system to today's smartphone-based SPMR® and cellular-based CYCLOPS® Fixed Network AMI System, Datamatic continues to excel. 



Better Ideas

The company that introduced automated meter reading still offers the most powerful, flexible and reliable products in the industry. Products include SPMR®, the smartphone-based “100% Reading Validation” solution and CYCLOPS®, the industry’s only photo-based, cellular backhaul fixed network AMI solution.   Datamatic's line of meter reading products are scalable and equally suited to utilities with 300 or 3 million meters.


Global Reach

More than 300 utilities in the US and abroad rely daily on Datamatic systems to serve their customers. Datamatic can supply expertise and equipment for any utility regardless of size or location.

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