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Power of SmartPhones


Our SmartPhone-based meter reading solution incorporates Cloud-based storage, wireless data networks, high resolution photography, GPS/mapping and real time data transfer to maximize productivity.


Download routes or field work orders in seconds.  Capture GPS/Mapping information and use it to optimize routes.  Collect data and photos to legitimize your work product.  And best of all, send all of it to the Cloud in real time.


Almost 70% of Americans have SmartPhones and already know how to use them. The SPMR phone app is quick to download and extremely intuitive. Unlike other systems, no extensive training is needed for this  game-changing field data collection system.



SPMR Web Route Manager


Our browser based SPMR Route Management Application means you can access data - and be productive - from anywhere and at anytime. We are here to offer you a full featured system where your SmartPhone will upload your meter readings in real time to our servers. The back office Route Management software can fully integrate with most billing providers. Can't integrate with your billing system? - No Problem! With SPMR, you can import and export data in several different industry standard formats.


The SPMR billing process is as easy as 1, 2, 3......

1. Import your Routes or work lists into the SPMR Web Route Manager.

2. Meter Readers or Field Technicians collect readings/photos/GPS using the SPMR SmartPhone app.

3. Export your Reads and work orders to your Utility Billing System.


The SPMR Web Route Manager allows for easy provisioning of users and phones; reading audits and alerts; location, skip, and trouble codes; photo and GPS storage; on-demand custom reporting, and much more.

Data Flows to and from the SPMR Server  In Real Time as Meter Readers Work 
BYOD - Bring Your Own Device
Interfaces with most Billing Systems
Software as a Service (Saas)


Don't spend capital budget money when  you can read meters from your operational budget.


SPMR does not require a long term commitment. You can pay as you go and add more phones to your plan at any time. Pay only for your use of the software; no hardware to purchase. You can cancel your software service at any time.


Don't do things the old fashioned way -



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